Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bin Laden's son wants a visa : For the UK

Osama Bin Laden's son has applied for a British visa so he can live in Britain with his wife.
Omar Bin Laden, 26, who admits attending terror training with the Al Qaeda leader in Afghanistan, has been interviewed with his wife Jane Felix-Browne, 52, by British Embassy officials in Cairo, where he is currently living.
The couple plan to set up house in Jane's £550,000 home in Moulton, Cheshire, have a child through a surrogate mother and work as "peace activists".
It's official, the UK is gasping its last breath. I have a deep respect for the British people. I don't know whether to get mad or weep like a child. It's like watching a loved one with cancer slowly slipping away.
I take that back, it's more like... slow suicide. I would suggest any British people that read this blog ( And I know you do ) start raising any and all kind of hell ( Lawfully via phone calls, letters, email ). Fight this diseased mentality like the the same British that fought the bastard nazis and sent them into oblivion.
No peace, without FREEDOM.
No peace when the voices of the British people are being IGNORED.
No peace when the voices of the American people are being IGNORED.
No peace until our respective leaders heed the warnings of its citizens.
Our leaders will not just hand over our lands, and expect the people too grab our ankles and simply take it.
I can not even text what I would like too see happen if this is allowed. I will text, I hope some hard core football / soccer fans read this and listen to what is posted. I do not condone or promote any violence, do things in a legal means.

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