Wednesday, December 12, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Paltalk hosts Al Qaeda, Hizballah and Hamas terror chat rooms

December 11, 2007

by Joseph Shahda

Paltalk ( is one of the most popular voice chat rooms hosting companies in the world. Paltalk hosts tens of thousands of voice chat rooms covering music, entertainment, politics, religion, and Islamic terrorist chat rooms.

That is correct. Paltalk hosts Islamic terrorist chat rooms that support Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups such as Hizballah and Hamas.

The most popular Al Qaeda chat room on Paltalk is called "Al Ansar Ansar Al Mujahdeen" which translates to "The Supporters of Moujhdeen". The members of this chat room are rabid Al Qaeda supporters. They post communiqu├ęs released by Al Qaeda media groups, including terrorist propaganda materials and violent terrorist materials on how to conduct terrorist acts. The members of the chat rooms take the microphone (the voice feature) and talk about Jihad and call for violent terrorist acts.

In the "Ansar Al Mujahdeen" room there have been live interviews conducted with actual Al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq. They conducted Q & A sessions with these terrorists. This chat room is well known on Paltalk and the Terrorist Cyberspace. Other terrorist forums refer to what is happening in "Ansar Al Mujahdeen" chat room and they encourage members of the other forums to join this chat room. The advantage of "Ansar Al Mujahdeen" chat room over the other terrorist forums is that it is a live action debate with voice features which make it very attractive for the terrorists.

Last week, after many years of allowing this popular Al Qaeda terrorist chat room to function and after many complaints against the room, Paltalk Corporation finally decided to shut down the "Ansar Al Moujahdeen" chat room. Unfortunately, the chat room is up again under a slightly modified name "Al Ansarr Ansar Al Mougahedeen" with a new owner nickname and many of the members changed their user names (nicknames). I noticed some of the members of the Al Qaeda chat room now have colored nicknames; i.e., they are paying a yearly subscription to Paltalk. In its previous guise, before this terrorist chat room was shut down, these same members had black nicknames; i.e., they did not pay any fee to participate. In addition, many of these electronic Jihadis are paying an annual fee to access the Al Qaeda chat room.

I find it difficult to believe that Paltalk Corporation can be fooled so easily. It remains to be seen whether money and financial profit are the main reason for allowing this Al Qaeda terrorist chat room to restart. But it is an illustration of how powerful the Terrorist Cyberspace is, when Paltalk permits this Al Qaeda terrorist chat room to continue. It is very unfortunate that our US Internet monitoring Counter Terrorism agencies have not forced Paltalk to immediately and permanently shut down these terrorist chat rooms. Perhaps, they believe that they can get actionable intelligence from these rooms. Based on hundreds of hours monitoring of these terrorist chat rooms on Paltalk, I am very convinced that there is no significant actionable intelligence to be obtained from them. In the contrary, these rooms are doing far more damage to the US and the world security with each passing minute as long as they operate.

On the top banner of the Al Ansarr Ansar Al Mougahedeen chat room screen they have link to a You Tube video about the destruction of a US Army HumVee south of Baghdad. In the text screen shown above they are rejoicing the death of 10 UN employees in Algeria who were killed today, December 11, 2007, by Al Qaeda terrorists.
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