Tuesday, December 18, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

You can call Islam a religion among world religions if you want. But more accurately it is a killing cult.

The other world religions do not espouse killing off those who disagree with them. Islam’s baseline is to kill off all non-Islamics. That makes it not so much a religion among world religions as a killing cult.

When Islam is regarded not as a respectable religion among religions but a killing cult, then it can be shut down by governments, particularly freedom-based governments as the United States of America. America does not and has not tolerated killing cults. They investigate them, then when finding them truly to be putting humans to death, they shut them down.

It is now time for the United States officialdom, starting with the Oval Office, to define Islam as a killing cult out to slaughter all non-devotees. Previously the naivete of those in American government have referred to Islam as a “peace religion.” Of course, those into the study of world religions and theology knew better than our elected officials.

Now US President George W. Bush refers to Islam no longer as a peace religion but “an ideology of hate.” British Prime Minister Tony Blair has likewise had his own awakening on terminology and definitions. He now refers to Islam as an “evil ideology.”

The word “evil” in particular denotes religious definitions. When something is “evil” then it is not “righteous” or “good” or “holy.” It is evil in that it has to do with the devil. Therefore, Blair’s definition comes even closer to defining realistically Islam than the US President.

The truth of Islam is that it is not only a killing cult rather than religion among world religions. It is in truth “evil” in that its whole scope is from the demonic. In other words, one can take each dimension of Islam and define it in terms of hell, “hell” defined as the place of eternal damnation as spelled out by Christ in particular and the New Testament in general.

Islam then is from hell.

Allah then is another name for the Devil, Satan, Beelzebub, The King of the Pit, and so forth.

The Koran thereby has been scribed under demonic influence.

Mohammed is not a genuine prophet of the God of the Bible but instead was a false prophet overcome with demonic spirits.

From the Bible one learns that the essence of the demonic is to kill. In time frame, that killing is forever in the corridors of the damned. In other words, to be damned is to be killed in the soul but never die; it is a slaying that is never completed. Hell’s torture is to be eternally dying but never dying.

Islam then gives itself away as having nothing to do with the redemptive deity of Scripture. The God of the Bible appeared in Christ in order to save the repentant from their sins. This Christ provided His own sinless sacrifice upon Calvary in order to stand in our place, being a substitute sacrifice for us.

That is love. That is mercy. That is forgiveness. That is hope. That is the entrance into eternal life of holiness.

Islam has no parallel to the Christian experience of divine love, mercy, forgiveness, hope and an eternal life of holiness. Islam knows only the direct opposite, hence it being not from heaven but from hell.

Furthermore, Christ had a high regard for the female. That was contrary to the first century culture in which He ministered. Apostle Paul wrote that there is no difference in the sight of God regarding male and female. That is, there is no prejudice in the heart of God for male and against female.

Yet in Islam the female is cursed from conception — with ten curses in the form of ten exposures of female genitalia. Therefore, that obscenity is logged into that female for her entire earthly stay. The only way she can absent herself of one of those curses it to marry. But the other nine exposure curses remain till death.

No wonder then that Islam treats females as less than Earth’s scum. Females are hidden behind stifling fabric for life — covering the human body made in the image of God, covering it from head to toe. That’s demonic. That’s not Godlike.

As one examines detail after detail of Islam doctrine in contrast to the Christian doctrine, one realizes that the Christian revelation in Scriptures is from the benevolent God while the Koran dictates the teachings of Satan.

That is why Islamics call America the “Great Satan.” It is in order to sidetrack thinking away from the fact that Allah is Satan and thereby call America by the name “Great Satan.”

That also occurred in Christ’s ministry. The enemies called Christ Beelzebub in order to label Him with what they in fact were — agents of Beelzebub. Therefore, the transfer of terms is an old trick dating back to Christ’s time.

In summation: Islam is a killing cult directly from hell.

Allah is the Devil.

The Koran has been written by the demons.

Mohammed is a false prophet overcome by demons.

Those devoted to the killing cult are thereby enveloped in a demonic power that is worldwide and world threatening.

Christians then pray for the enemy, that is, those caught up in the killing cult. They pray for the overthrow of this satanic attack upon civilized peoples.

They have faith that the Holy Spirit will work alongside the truth-committed to do in the spiritual foe called “Islam.”

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