Friday, December 28, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“God is great!” shouts Imam Samudra, charged with planning and seeing through the attacks that murdered 202 persons in Bali, Indonesia, last year. He threw his fist to the sky and shouted to his attorneys to join him in his exclamation that “God is great!”

God is indeed great. “God is great. God is good. Now we thank Him for our food.”

Many of us learned that table grace as children. Therefore, we have been indoctrinated that God, the Christian deity, is surely great. There could be much more doctrinal dissertation provided from biblical data; but let that simple prayer suffice.

In this one cry from Samudra, “God is great!” is the underlying contrast between the Christian faith and the Muslim religion. Muslims regard deity fundamentally as great — particularly mighty enough to slay non-Muslims.
Christians regard deity as both great but foremostly loving in His might.

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