Thursday, December 13, 2007

Britain considers banning clothes that cover the wearer's face, for anyone who isn't Muslim

British politicians are calling for a new brand of hooded jackets to be banned amid fears the wearers could intimidate the public.

The jackets, which completely cover the head and come with inbuilt goggles, were designed to keep the wearer warm.

But critics, including British shadow home secretary David Davis, say the hoodies made by clothing company Criminal Damage are a “hooligan's tool” more suited to biological warfare.

“While we would not want to get into banning items of clothing it is the height of irresponsibility for companies to be deliberately marketing items that would not be out of place in any hooligan's tool kit," Mr Davis told the Daily Mail. and

I wonder who these "hooligans" and "angry youths" could be ?

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