Friday, November 16, 2007

JTF Video ( Must See Video )

From: GreaterIsrael


  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Probably the best JTF video yet. In addition to stopping all muslim immigration, we must first and foremost outlaw Sharia in all it's forms. The speed with which Sharia creep infiltrates the west is alarming . . .sharia banking being the most overt and assinine business introduced(google Professor Timur Kuran),dwp_uuid=fe95602e-e821-11db-b2c3-000b5df10621.html

    How frustrating it is to watch the isideous bickering of antijihadists, some who wish to go the way of sugical strikes and dreaming of moderate islam and moderate muslims. Islamic doctrine is poison to humanity. Expose it, ridicule it, humiliate it, dispose of it. Learn from mistakes made over the previous 1400 years. You cannot negotiate or appease adherants of this ideology. All attempts at such has failed miserably. Islam must be destroyed. Individuals who chose to follow in the steps of that prophet will chose to suffer the consequences. When Sharia is outlawed in the West, the shackles of fear can be lifted to free those no longer wishing to submit to that insanity.

    Islam delende est.

  2. Hi MississippiMud, thanks for calling into the Green Arrow the other day.

    Most of us over the pond have the greatest respect and liking for Americans. Personally I wish I had been born one but there you go.

    But now both our country's are in danger from Islam and we are losing it in the UK. We count on you in America to put it right if we screw up.

    Good Luck