Monday, November 12, 2007

The Current Goal of Radical Islam

Position Paper on Radical Islam
By John W. Wallace

Every day throughout the world, there are reports of Christians, Jews, Hindus, other non-Muslims and even many Muslims being murdered by Radical Islamic fundamentalists. Radical Islamic fundamentalists are attacking innocent people from Somalia to the Balkans, from Israel to India, from Russia to Indonesia, and right into the heart of Europe with Muslim violence in France, the terrorist train bombing in Spain, the subway bombings in London and of course the 9-11 attacks in America that killed 3,000 innocent people. Radical Islam, an ultra-conservative and violent political version of Islam, is once again on the attack worldwide. Radical Islam is the totalitarian root of the problem; terrorism is only a symptom, an instrument of war used by Radical Islamists to achieve their objectives. Once these facts are understood, it becomes clear that the struggle is one of imposing political ideas through violence rather than being just about religion.

Americans must understand that the current goal of Radical Islam is the same as it was in the 8th and 15th Centuries when Muslim armies invaded Europe; the conquest and conversion of non-Muslims and the establishment of fundamentalist Islamic rule worldwide.

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