Monday, November 19, 2007

CAIR Pressures OfficeMax to Stop Advertising On Michael Savage Program

Call the OfficeMax office headquarters at 630.438.7800, press "0" when asked who you want to speak to, and when you get an operator, in a polite but firm manner, tell the operator you have heard about the company’s decision to stop advertising on the Michael Savage program because of the pressure from CAIR.

Tell them you will no longer shop at OfficeMax until OfficeMax reverses this ill-advised decision.
If the 630-438-7800 number is busy, call the Customer Service line, 800-661-5931. It’s better to call the office line first, because if enough people call their phone lines will get clogged up and they’ll know right away that something is happening.

Call the 800# only if you can’t get through on the 630.438.7800 line.
Some people ask about sending emails in a case like this. Phone calls are better. A barrage of phone calls will get immediate attention from the company.
Forward this email to everyone you know, with a short personal message asking them to place a call as well.

Next week, ACT for America will launch a petition that we will take to not only OfficeMax but other companies that have caved in to CAIR, as well as companies that CAIR is pressuring right now.

If CAIR can succeed in this effort to silence Michael Savage, consider the chilling effect this will have on every talk radio host in America. Enough is enough – let’s ACT now!

Brigitte Gabriel

ACT for America P.O. Box 6884 Virginia Beach, VA 23456

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  1. CAIR recently reported that Savage, whose “The Savage Nation” airs on more than 300 radio stations nationwide, screamed attacks on Muslims, Islam and the Quran, Islam’s revealed text, during his October 29, 2007, program.The decision by OfficeMax was announced the same day the Los Angeles Police Department announced it was dropping its proposed anti-terrorism program due to pressure from groups like CAIR.

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