Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"The Religion of Peace"Murders 4 Children

Second suicide bombing in 4 days in Kabul kills 13, including 4 children

A mother and her two children boarded a police bus early Tuesday only seconds before a suicide bomber detonated his explosives, an attack that killed 13 police and civilians, the health minister said.

The explosion ripped the roof off a Kabul bus in the second such bombing in four days, as insurgents turned up attacks against Afghanistan's security forces during a year of record violence.

Four children were among the 13 killed Tuesday by a man wearing a pakul, an Afghan hat commonly worn in the country's north, and a shawl around the upper half of his body called a chador, said witness Amin Gul, who owns a metalworking shop next to the blast site.

"When the bus came, an old man got on, then a woman with two children, then the guy wearing the chador entered, and then a big boom," said Gul.

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