Friday, October 05, 2007

Germany: “Islamophobic – and Proud of It”

Fundamentalist Christians are using populist slogans to incite against Muslims, whom they see as the new source of danger for Europe. The number of internet users who visit their websites is alarmingly high. Claudia Mende reports

The group calls itself “Deus Vult Caritatem” – Latin for “God wants love.” But it disseminates a fair amount of bad feeling. “Deus Vult Caritatem” caused uproar at a series of Munich city council information events in July. The Islam expert and lawyer Matthias Rohe held a talk on “The German constitution and sharia” which had to be broken off in a tumult. Several days later Rohe received a death threat via e-mail, and he published it on his homepage.

“Deus Vult Caritatem” was the title of a document issued by Pope Urban II in 1099, calling on the faithful to join the first Crusade and expel the Muslims from the Holy Land. The website of Deus Vult, which was launched at Easter 2007 to mark Pope Benedict XVI’s 80th birthday, issues a modern version of the same call to arms:
“It is now high time to react once again and defend western civilisation as well as everything else which is threatened by radical Koran-Islam.”

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  1. najistani5:32 PM

    "Islam is an illogical doctrine that is based on fear and is defended through honor. This makes Islam more dangerous than Nazism. Muslims are not concerned about the irrationality of Islam or about good or evil. They are mostly concerned about losing face and upholding the image of Islam.

    One fact we must all agree on is that brute force is stronger than civility. If you and I confront each other and I use violence against you while you try to reason with me, I will win and you will lose. The reason Muslims have won since the time of Muhammad is because the non-Muslims were reluctant to resort to violence while Muslims were always ready to do so. The reason we live in freedom today is because the Europeans responded to Muslim barbarity with equal savagery. If not for the crusaders, we probably would not be free today."


  2. On the one hand we have people saying, "The Koran tells Muslims to kill infidels" and on the other hand we have people saying, "Islam is a religion of peace." Until each of us reads the Koran, we will always have the doubt in the back of our minds, wondering what the real truth is.

    So let's just read the Koran and get it over with. The book is not that long.