Friday, September 14, 2007

The Taxi Jihad Continues

While she doesn't drool or chew on car seats, Rattan has a hard time catching a cab, according to her owner, Steve Heesen.

That's a problem because the mixed golden retriever-yellow Lab serves as Heesen's eyes. Many blind or disabled residents in Milwaukee rely on cabs to get to places local bus routes don't go.

Heesen and Rattan have used cabs to get to Heesen's job in West Allis. But sometimes they have waited more than an hour for a ride, or have had to call the cab company repeatedly after taxis arrived, then left when they saw Rattan, Heesen said.

"I've had so many bad experiences," he said.

Entire article here.

Heesen and a handful of other visually impaired people with service animals complain that they have trouble finding a ride because cabbies don't want to drive their dogs. The National Federation of the Blind of Wisconsin recently complained to Milwaukee County that some drivers of American United Taxi were steering clear of guide dogs and their owners.

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