Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Michael Savage has chosen primarily a different voice, the radio, for his views. His voyage to a political view came about differently, also. He grew up in a typically somewhat poor family and had to work for whatever he could get. Along the way he also had to fight for whatever he could get. The voyage took him through many adventures. Those adventures are broadcast to several millions of people every weekday. They are interspersed with insightful reviews of what is happening in the political world and how those happenings affect all Americans.

Savage was exposed to radical leftists, but he never bought into their views. Now, Savage is in the “belly of the beast”, I.e., San Francisco. Although he professes to love the city, he rails against those running it. He disdains the official advocacy of the homosexual lifestyle. He points out the foibles of the Board of Supervisors. The board took a vote on condemning him for a remark he made about illegal aliens protesting and demanding rights, primary among them in-state tuition. Petulantly, they threatened to go on a hunger strike if their demands were not met.

Savage replied that they should do so.

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