Monday, September 10, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Certain atheists in particular consign Allah to superstition. Some religionists do the same by relegating Islam’s deity, Allah, to a figment of the Muslim imagination.

The truth is that Allah is not a figment of anyone’s imagination nor fictitious nor a part of superstitious lore. Allah exists.

In the Old Testament Jehovah warned the Israelites not to intermingle with pagan cultures, especially not to marry anyone within those heathen conclaves. Jehovah explicitly stated that doing same would open the Israeli mind to worship the pagan gods.

If the pagan gods were merely superstitions or figments of the pagan imaginations, then what was there actually to fear? It is true that even a figment of the imagination that is not lined up with eternal truth can waylay a soul from Jehovah. But the matter was far worse than that.

Jehovah prohibited His own people from worshiping other gods for those other gods actually existed. In what form did they exist? They existed as demons, cohorts with the King of the Pit, Lucifer, the fallen Angel of Light.

It is the same with Allah. Allah exists in actuality as the King of the Pit, Lucifer, the fallen Angel of Light. Therefore, when Muslims pray to Allah, it is not merely a figment of their imagination to whom they pray.

They pray to a real power.

They pray to the Devil.

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