Friday, September 28, 2007

10 Ways Online Terrorism is Affecting the Markets

By Jessica Hupp
The US economy is on an increasing shift into the digital world. As such, the threat of online terrorism increases right along with the shift. This includes attacks that paralyze entire web sites, viruses, theft of intellectual property, and other malicious actions designed to cause harm online.

These online nuisances add up to real-life monetary effects for companies and sometimes large industry groups. Damage in 2005 was estimated to be in the neighborhood of $130 million. Clearly, this movement is something that financial markets will respond to, in both positive and negative ways. Read on to consider who may be affected and how you can be prepared.

Support of companies fighting cyber-terrorism:
As fear of online terrorism attacks grows, investors are more likely to support companies that are responsible for cyber security. These include McAfee, Symantec, Computer Associates, Internet Security Systems, and Trend Micro. After 9/11, cyber security companies such as these reported strong results in a quarter where nearly all other sectors were suffering. In addition to being backed by investors, cyber security firms are enjoying increased revenues as companies and individuals purchase products designed to protect their systems.

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