Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Vanity Post : CNN of all places, picks MW up.

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Mosquewatch1 day ago
Man, 52, Charged In Neosho Church Shooting
The man charged with murdering three people, including the pastor, in a Micronesian congregation holding Sunday afternoon services at the First Congregational Church of Neosho yelled "Liars" before opening fire, according to a report posted on CNN ; Police said Eiken Elam Saimon shouted " liars, liars, you‘re all liars " before opening fire with a ...

Crimerant1 day ago
Oh God, DonĂ¢€™t Shoot
We know schools aren t safe. Even shopping malls have been the scene of the crime. Hell, we know to watch our backs when we got to the post office. God knows, we ve never expected a mass slaying to take place in a church. But it did in Missouri on Sunday when a lone gunman entered a church and starting firing. Three are dead. No handwring...

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