Thursday, August 16, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Quaker Nixon underlined that point.

So did Catholic Kennedy.

And surely Baptist Carter and Baptist Clinton do the same.

Sometimes it is hard for evangelicals in particular to separate their support of a mortal for public office from their allegiance to the Bible’s God.

What I mean by that is that evangelicals can at times be naïve regarding the testimony of their elected officials. Evangelicals are quick to pick up code language or body language that point to a believer as public person.

Example: Bill Clinton walked with Bible in hand, along with wife, into Sunday morning worship regularly. He spoke of his childhood faith. So did his wife speak of her Methodist upbringing. Evangelicals who were far removed from the Clinton personal history were at times impressed by such verbiage and also such body language as a President carrying the Word into the sanctuary.

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  1. najistani5:39 PM

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    No Kaffir, no matter how pacifist, is safe from this evil, violent, perverted, parasitic and predatory cult.

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    Maybe the world's final interfaith conference will consist of Buddhists chanting 'Om Mani Padme Hum', Christians singing 'Kumbaya', and Muslims screaming 'Allah Akhbar' as they chop their heads off.

    Something drastic has got to be done to stop the inroads of these savages, but none of the Kaffir religions have got the intellectual or spiritual strength to do anything.

    Maybe we need a raging atheist like Stalin, who for all his faults knew how to deal with Muslims.