Monday, August 27, 2007

Marry a Non - Muslim and Die

M Kaur, her full identity hidden for safety, is a Sikh girl from Malaysia. She met her husband four years ago in UK (United Kingdom) while studying at the university. He was a student from Pakistan and a Muslim.


Due to the increasing magnitude of harassment and the threats, Ms. Kaur decided to leave Pakistan within three weeks of arriving and came back to UK. A few days before this, young men hiding their faces in scarves, with their beards showing underneath and threatening that he will be killed soon, beat up her husband quite badly. Fearing for their lives family (in-laws) went into hiding.

The Sikh wife, while in UK, appealed to the Amnesty International and the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take note of their situation, but none of the newspapers printed her story due to fear of a Taliban reprisal.

Murtads or infidels who change their religion are punishable by death penalty in Pakistan’s Shariat courts.

Entire article here.

The religion of peace ?

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