Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Guy Rodgers joins American Congress for Truth

Dear Jeff,

I am honored and proud to announce to you the hiring of Mr. Guy Rodgers as the Executive Director for American Congress for Truth (ACT).

For those of you who have joined me since 2003 and watched our organization grow and strengthen, and those of you who got to know me through my book BECAUSE THEY HATE, you know that I am passionately driven with a single minded focus — to educate, inspire, mobilize, and network millions of concerned citizens to stand up and fight against the grave threat of Islamofascism to America and the world.

I began two years ago searching for an Executive Director who shares my vision and mission and has the leadership skills to carry on the job. I needed someone who has the moral clarity to exercise wisdom and courage in a day where moral clarity is being sacrificed on the altar of moral equivalency. I wanted a leader who can articulate thoughts with authority, confront evil with determination, face challenges with courage and be driven with passion and patriotism for our country to win the fight for goodness against the evil threatening our security today. Mr. Guy Rodgers is just that leader.

The first Executive Director of any growing organization must be uniquely qualified to successfully lead that organization to reach its potential. Guy Rodgers has the professionalism, the experience, the skills and the leadership abilities ACT needs to fulfill its missions of educating, empowering and mobilizing Americans to defend themselves against the threat of Islamofascism and terrorism.

Guy Rodgers has nearly 25 years’ experience in the public arena, spanning all facets of the non-profit and political worlds. As a political consultant, he provided leadership and strategic direction to nearly 40 campaigns, including five presidential campaigns and the campaigns of several Members of Congress and state officials. He has been a leader in organizing nationwide grassroots organizations. He is an outstanding communicator and has headed up organizations as diverse as educational foundations and political action committees.

I am enthusiastically looking forward to working closely with him.

With your continued help and support, ACT will now be able to aggressively expand its efforts to establish a nationwide citizen action network. We will be setting up local chapters in every city and state, networking, informing and empowering like-minded citizens that will result in the greatest grass roots movement this country has ever seen. To that end, we just recently formed our lobbying arm, a 501c4 organization named ACT for America, to lobby and put pressure on our elected officials to impact policy in Washington DC. Under the non-profit status of 501c3 ACT could only use 10% of its time and efforts lobbying. After our success with the “John Doe” bill, we realized we needed to move forcefully and urgently into lobbying on Capitol Hill. Our elected officials – both Republicans and Democrats – need a shaking reminder that the American people are awake and watching, and that we have not lost our political voice which put them there in the first place. Expect to hear much more about these efforts in the next few days, weeks and months.

Thank you for standing with us. It is through your help and support that we are able to grow and strengthen. Your support has made possible what we are doing and will be doing through American Congress for Truth and ACT for America. Together, we can successfully fight bigotry, hatred and intolerance unleashed on our Judeo-Christian values. Together, we can successfully fight for the liberty, safety and prosperity of free societies here and around the world. Together, we CAN defeat Islamofascism — just as we stood fast against Communism, Nazism and Fascism and emerged victorious.

Let my nation rise
Brigitte Gabriel

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  1. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Has every member of Congress received a copy of Because They Hate?