Wednesday, August 22, 2007

From The UK


  1. najistani5:55 PM

    WOW! A show of Churchillian defiance from the British MSM. Are they finally waking up?


    "FREEDOM of speech is one of the cornerstones of our democracy.

    The open exchange of view and the expression of controversial opinions are bulwarks against tyranny.

    Yet the British tradition of liberty is now increasingly under threat because of the state’s cowardly policy of trying to appease radical Islam.

    In the name of promoting a spirit of tolerance, our civic institutions have
    become ruthlessly intolerant of anyone who dares to challenge some of the most repellent features of hardline Islamism, such as misogyny, the contempt for human rights and the resort to violence for political ends.

    Blanket accusations of racism are regularly used to suppress debate about the problems caused by Islam.

    Britain fought the last war against an anti-semitic, book-burning, totalitarian regime. Yet in a bizarre twist, the modern British Government now acts as the guardian of those Muslims who want to see an Islamic version of just such a regime in this country. In a monstrous inversion of our values, those seeking to uphold our freedoms against Muslim fundamentalism are now the target of state repression.

    The British bobby, once a symbol of robust common sense, is rapidly being transformed into an agent of the race-fixated thought police.

    Perhaps the most worrying recent example of this trend was the outrageous conduct of the West Midlands police over a Channel 4 investigation into extremism within Birmingham’s mosques – Undercover Mosque. Anyone watching the programme would have been appalled at some of the sentiments of the Muslim clerics.

    One preacher, referring to his eagerness to see British soldiers killed in Afghanistan, said that “the hero is the one who separated his head from his shoulders”.Another called for homosexuals to be “thrown off the mountain”, while a third believed that Jews will be killed at the end of time, accompanying his forecast with a snorting noise like that of a pig.

    A Christian minister coming out with vile language against Muslims would not only be defrocked but would have his collar felt by the constabulary. Yet the reaction of the West Midlands police was very different. Assistant Chief Constable Anil Patani, in charge of “security and social cohesion”, decided the preachers of hate should face no action. Instead his force issued a complaint against Channel 4 to regulator Ofcom, that the programme-makers may have been guilty of stirring up racial hatred.

    Patani, one of the new breed of police chiefs seemingly more interested in social engineering than in protecting the public, claimed that the producers had deliberately quoted the Muslim clerics “out of context” to suit an Islamophobic agenda.

    The West Midlands police, he said, had pursued Channel 4 “with as much rigour as the extremism portrayed within the documentary itself”.

    Since when was it the job of the police to sit in judgment on TV productions, acting as a political censor? Is the West Midlands so free of crime that police can look through hours of TV footage, deciding whether a television company has shown sufficient obedience to the new doctrine of anti-racism?

    Mr Patani was effectively exploiting the current row over TV fakery, suggesting that the investigation into the mosques was just another distorted documentary, like the BBC’s notorious programme about the Queen, in which editing of the footage appeared to show Her Majesty storming out of a photoshoot when in reality nothing of the sort happened.

    In fact there is no evidence that Channel 4 was guilty of any kind of manipulation. None of the participants complained about the programme, nor was there any denial of a right of reply.

    This controversy only shows the disastrous influence of the Marxist creed of political correctness, where the police have become so neurotic about Islamophobia that they have turned themselves into political commissars.

    This worrying pattern can be seen in so many other areas. Only this weekend it emerged that the BBC had decided to rewrite an episode of the popular hospital drama Casualty because it feared the original storyline, about an Islamist suicide bombing at a bus station, might offend Muslim sensibilities. So the BBC replaced it with one about carnage perpetrated by animal rights activists.

    Yet there is no record of animal rights campaigners having committed mass slaughter against the public, whereas radical Muslims have exacted a terrifying toll.

    Similarly, press investigations into Muslims grooming young white girls for sex and prostitution – like this paper’s brave analysis on Saturday of a Muslim paedophile ring in Blackburn – have led to accusations of racism.

    In 2004, for instance, Channel 4 postponed a documentary called Edge Of The City about Asian men in Bradford targeting white girls as young as 11 for sex and drug abuse. This followed pressure from the chief constable of West Yorkshire Colin Cramphorn, who warned that the programme would inflame racial tensions.

    It is grotesque the way the British state keeps giving in to Muslim bullying. Islamic grievances are always accompanied by the menace of violence. No other religion inspires such craven attitudes because no other faith inspires such aggression in its followers. But censorship and prosecutions against Islam’s critics are no answer. They are only steps along the road to tyranny.

  2. najistani,

    It has been the Liberals in the UK and America, that have us so scared too death to speak an opinion that they don't agree with. We've been wimpified. The Liberals always call for "Freedom of speech" unless it contradicts what they believe in.

    Much the same way the Muslims do.