Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Those that forget the past

This is a interesting video worth the view. Thanks for the link, you know who you are.



  1. Smitty3:17 AM

    Islam was created so that SATAN might have representation here on earth. In the final Battle of Revelations. The false prophet (MOHAMMED) and the ANTICHRIST (ISLAM) or commonly known as SATAN will be thrown into the bottomless pit and burn forever. ISLAM and SATAN are one in the same.

    It is easy to see the deception of Islam in that the whole religion is based on unfairness and cruelty. Iran and Saudi Arabia are perfect examples of Islamic Satanic States.


    1 or 2 beers = 100+ lashes.

    Going on a date = torture or death or both.

    Your opinion = death or flogging.

    Its easy to see why so many people all around the world think of ISLAM as SATANIC or like life under ADOLF HITLER.