Monday, July 23, 2007

Pakistan warns US against strikes

Any attack inside Pakistan’s territory would be “unacceptable”


ISLAMABAD: Hints from the United States that it is considering military strikes in Pakistan against suspected Al-Qaeda bases has evoked sharp reaction from Islamabad, reiterating its determination and military capability to handle the threat on its own and warning that any unilateral action by Washington would be “unacceptable,” “ill-conceived” and “deeply resented.”

Pakistan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz on Monday said Islamabad would not allow any attack by the U.S. on its territory. “Pakistan can handle its own requirements of troops. We do not need any other troops from anywhere to come and help. The sovereignty, integrity and security is the responsibility of Pakistan.”

He added: “We are very capable of defending ourselves and securing ourselves. We believe we can handle our responsibilities and continue to cooperate with everybody.”

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