Friday, July 13, 2007

Muslim Doctors of Death


  1. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Chaim ben Pesach asks "isn't is obvious what they all really want?" Isn't it obvious what we are all facing? Isn't it obvious what we are facing? Isn't it obvious that we all better wake up?

    According to Islam, it's not obvious:

    Translations of Surah 13:41

    Pickthall: See they not how we aim to the land, reducing it of its outlying parts? (When) Allah doometh there is none that can postpone His doom, and He is swift at reckoning.

    Yusuf Ali: See they not that We gradually reduce the land (in their control) from its outlying borders? (Where) God commands, there is none to put back His Command: and He is swift in calling to account.

    Shakir: Do they not see that We are bringing destruction upon the land by curtailing it of its sides? And Allah pronounces a doom -- there is no repeller of His decree, and He is swift to take account.

    Sher Ali: Do they not see that WE are visiting the land, reducing it from its outlying boarders? And ALLAH judges; there is none to reverse HIS judgment. And HE is Swift at reckoning.

    Khalifa: Do they not see that every day on earth, brings them closer to the end, and that GOD decides their life span, irrevocably? He is the most efficient Reckoner.

    Palmer: Did they not see that we come to the land and diminish the borders thereof? God judges, and there is none to reverse His judgment, and He is swift at reckoning up!

    Sale: Do they not see that we come into [their] land, and straiten the borders thereof, [by the conquests of the true believers]? When God judgeth, there is none to reverse his judgement; and he [will be] swift in taking an account.

    Rodwell: See they not that we come into their land and cut short its borders? God pronounceth a doom, and there is none to reverse his doom. And swift is He to take account.

    "Progressive Muslims": Do they not see that We come to the land and reduce it from its ends? And God gives judgment and there is none to override His judgment. And He is quick to reckoning.

    Transliterated Arabic: Awa lam yaraw anna na/tee al-arda nanqusuha min atrafiha waAllahu yahkumu la muAAaqqiba lihukmihi wahuwa sareeAAu alhisabi

    America, WAKE UP!

  2. najistani4:56 AM

    The word is getting through - here's a new slant on the recent RoP spin-doctoring.


    "The survey found that young people are the group most likely to see Islam as a violent religion.

    Nearly 28 percent of 18-24 year olds believe Islam is fundamentally a religion of war which sits uneasily with modern Western culture compared with 17 percent of the overall population and only 13 percent of those aged 65.

    Less than half of all 18-24 year olds (48%) see Islam as a religion of peace, compared with 60 percent or over for every other age group, the poll found.

    "The trend that will alarm the Government and community groups most is that young people, who are generally more positive about spirituality, are so much more negative about Islam than the population as a whole," said Woolley."

    Is this because young people are more likely to get their news and opinions from the internet than from the MSM?

    Keep on Blogging!!!

  3. Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,
    I have something terrible to report.

    I have come home from the hospital feeling very upset. All the radiation sources have disappeared from the oncology department - probably those Buddhists up to their tricks again.

    The kaffir hospital management (Inshallah may they soon die of strange, undiagnosable ailments and be replaced by Islamic brothers) called an emergency meeting addressed by a kaffir police officer.

    This institutionally-racist representative of the oppressive Zionist-Crusader alliance said that the radiation sources could be "Used by terrorists to make a dirty bomb".

    I was extremely hurt and distressed by this statement. I forcefully pointed out that there is no such thing as a terrorist - Gordon Brown (pbuh) has said so. The word 'terrorist' is hate-speech - it is a racist term of abuse used by bigots, Islamophobes and BNP supporters (Inshallah may they find themselves upon our operating tables tended by Muslim anaesthetists) to vilify peaceful Muslims.

    I have written to Sir Ian B.Liar demanding the officer's dismissal and prosecution for racist verbal assault. I intend to sue the Metropolitan Police for the post-traumatic emotional stress this appalling incident has caused me, and will continue to cause me for the next fifty years. I have been examined by four independent Muslim psychiatrists who will vouch for my mental suffering (I'll accept an out of court settlement of £500, 000 in a five-way split, Inshallah)

    I just hope I've recovered enough by next week to be able to attend the annual dinner of the Muslim Medical Malpractitioners' Association. My colleague Dr Aggun I. Singh-Deth will be receiving the Dr Josef Mengele (pbuh) Prize for innovation in surgical procedures, and I am due to give a presentation on performance evaluation for our new Dr Harold Shipman (pbuh) Award for meeting mortality rate targets (One point for a standard kaffir, two for a dancing slag, three for a Jew, four for an Islamophobic blogger, five for an apostate and 100 for Sir Salman Rushdie).

    I must finish now, as night has fallen and I have noticed a strange green light in the back of my car. Probably glowworms.

    Dr C. Riyal Kilah
    Muslim Medical Malpractitioners Association
    'You'll need more than an apple a day to keep us away' TM

  4. Dear brother Muslim medical malpractitioners,

    Following recent adverse reactions in Glasgow, Muslim doctors should perhaps avoid Scotland and consider relocating to Wales.

    Wales is a land of opportunity and reservoirs. It is the ideal place for a young Muslim doctor with an interest in microbial pathogens to gain his first practical experience.

    However, as well as opportunities there are risks, such as the dangers of seduction by the lustful Welsh sheep, goats and cows. Muslim pedoetricians should also be warned about the sex-mad Welsh toddlers who will lead them astray and then complain to their Islamophobic parents that the doctor has been experimenting with unusual physiotherapeutic techniques.

    But most importantly every Muslim male, especially the trainee doctors, must be made aware of the filthy Kuffar slags known as nurses.

    My Muslim colleagues - Dr Leeth al-Dohs, Dr Homi Saeed and Dr Aggun I. Singh-Deth - received an invitation from the dirty-dancing clitorally-intact nurse bints to attend a disco where these gyrating slags pulsate their uncovered meat to the lustful rhythms of their accursed infidel music.

    (Please excuse me a moment while I massage my trouser-minaret. - Ahhhh... that's better!!!!)

    I was unable to attend because I was involved in certain experiments regarding new non-medical uses for nitroglycerin, Dr Leeth al-Dohs was working on Kuffar infant mortality, Dr Homi Saeed was spending most of his time in the microbiology lab following the untimely deaths of his two technicians, and Dr Aggun I. Singh-Deth was busy in the hospital dispensary relabelling the harmaceutical products.

    Luckily, Dr Homi Saeed's younger brother, Sewi, said he would go to the disco, and had a special jacket made for the occasion, full of king-sized Lebanese party-poppers. He said he expects have a good bang with the nurses before the night is over.

    - Dr C. Riyal Kilah
    Secretary, Muslim Medical Malpractitioners' Association

  5. Dr C. Riyal Kilah5:22 AM

    My dear Christian and Jewish friends,

    On behalf of 'Muslim Doctors for Peace' I am most happy to keep you informed of the contribution that Muslim doctors make to the British National Health Service.

    We are fully committed to cradle-to-grave healthcare (preferably with as few intermediate stages as possible) and are involved in many innovative developments.

    For example, an ambulance, since it is an emergency vehicle, can gain access to areas which would be closed to other traffic. This has prompted Dr Homi Saeed to develop a new advanced design of ambulance which has a petrol (gasolene) tank with a capacity sufficient for a range of 350,000 miles, and carries no fewer than 50 cylinders of a variety of medical gases including chlorine and phosgene. We are hoping to test it out in the near future once our contacts in the Metropolitan Police have suggested a suitable destination.

    Regretably I must go now as I am due to carry out a swabbing and inspection of the non-halal section of the hospital kitchens with my microbiologist colleague Dr Salman Ellah.

    - Dr C. Riyal Kilah
    Interfaith Friendship Secretary
    Muslim Doctors for Peace

  6. Dr C. Riyal Kilah5:57 AM

    Dear Christian and Jewish friends,

    Regarding the first comment by 'anonymous'...

    It is impossible to produce accurate quotations from the Holy Qu'ran in English, because the Holy Qu'ran can only be fully understood in the original Arabic.

    This is why some people think that the Qu'ran promotes violence, when in fact its true meaning is peace.
    For instance the following verses are often misunderstood:

    Qu' ran 5:33 The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom" is a rather poetic way of saying

    "Do not do to another that which would be hurtful to you"

    Qur'an:9:5: "Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war."
    really means
    "A stranger is just friend you haven't got to know yet"

    Qur'an:9:29 "Fight those who do not believe until they all surrender." could perhaps be best expressed as
    "Love your neighbour as yourself"

    Qur'an:8:39 "So fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief/non-Muslims) and all submit to the religion of Allah alone." is a traditional Arabic idiom meaning
    "Help old ladies cross busy roads"

    Qur'an:2:216 "Warfare is ordained for you." is a common misinterpretation of the injunction to
    "Be kind to animals and birds"

    Islam truly is the 'Religion of Peace'

    I was pleased to see that in order to clamp down on any future possibility for misrepresentation, the EU has issued a directive requiring all government departments and media to substitute the following phrases with more appropriate terms:

    Muslim terrorists are to be described as 'Non-Buddhist activists'

    Car bombs are 'Traffic incidents'

    Anthrax is '48 hour flu'

    Ricin is 'Bean sauce'

    Dhimmitude is 'Interfaith dialogue'

    Dirty bomb radiation is 'Magic moonbeams'

    Muslim criminality is 'Cultural enrichment'

    Pedophile rings are 'Koranic study groups'

    Grooming is 'Youth outreach'

    Kebab takeaways are 'Protein recycling facilities'

    Planes crashing into buildings are 'Air traffic control errors'

    Al Quaeda policemen are 'Community liaison officers'

    - Dr C. Riyal Kilah
    Muslim Doctors for Peace

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