Sunday, July 15, 2007

Are Muslim Civilians Really "Innocent"?

If you support Islamic terrosists, YOU ARE A TERRORIST.

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  1. najistani4:58 PM

    But what about all the moderate Muslims, especially those in Britanistan?

    Let me tell you how I found a true moderate Muslim in England.

    As I paddled through the streets of Manchester one evening, the rain suddenly stopped falling!

    The shocked populace paused from their customary activity of shooting one another, and looked aghast at a rent in the grey firmament - a blue patch in the sky!

    As if this wasn't miracle enough, the clouds cleared in the west and the setting sun illuminated a huge multicolored rainbow emblazoned with the words 'Welcome to Moderate Islam'.

    Many hundreds of sleeping moonbats hung upside down from the rainbow. I followed it to where it reached the ground in the idyllic village of Moss Side, and there I found two pixies, four elves and a Moderate Muslim.

    The Moderate Muslim said "I denounce all forms of terrorism without reservation", then he jumped on his unicorn and galloped off to where the sun was setting, Koranic-style, in a muddy pool in the far west, probably Pennington Flash near Leigh.

    As the customary downpour resumed, the rainbow faded and the soggy moonbats fluttered angrily as they woke up and found they had no visible means of support.

    Flying just above roof-height to avoid the sodden clouds, the moonbats squeaked to all who would listen "We must respect Moderate Islam" and "It's a peaceful religion hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists"