Thursday, June 07, 2007

Iraq : Will 18 months matter ?

J. Grant Swank, Jr.

It’s barbaric to continue this sending US troops to referee an extremist killing cult in Iraq.

Therefore, I totally agree with presidential candidate Chris Dodd when he informed media that the “United States cannot afford to wait for President Bush’s successor to end this war in Iraq,” per AP.

“’We really can’t wait another 18 months,’ the U.S. senator from Connecticut said while campaigning. ‘We have to have the convictions to stand up to this president.’”

It is not patriotic to remain in Iraq. It’s carnage. Further, it’s totally unjust to send American humans into a grinder in the name of “peace” and “democracy.”

America should have never begun this conflict. Now it is paying in blood. It is not only illogical but cruel to continue mailing out young people in uniform for the purpose of being blown to bits.

Further, the war will never end with extremist Muslim conclaves bombing one another. Witness the Middle East. Witness Sudan. There is no end in sight to extremist Islamics killing one another.

So it is in Iraq and Afghanistan. When will this simple Islamic theological tenet get into the Western minds?

Western leaders had no idea what they were opening up when they set foot in Iraq.

Now gradually the hellish facts concerning Islam are getting out to the grassroots.

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