Saturday, June 09, 2007

Email From Islamberg ?

"" wrote:

Well Mosquewatch, I was really surprised to receive your reply.
Thanks for talking to me.
I would like to invite you up here to see Islamberg and the way that
we live. I am certain that you will be convinced that we are not a
threat to America. We are American Muslims whose community
originated in the East New York section of Brooklyn, New York. We as
a community decided to move and create this community to get out of
the cities and take our children away from the crime and sin that we
lived around.

There was blatant prostitution and drug use right in
our buildings. People were being shot at etc. etc. (Just think of
your worst case ghetto and you'll get my point).
We live very simple lives up here. Our children go to public schools
and some of them are homeschooled. The adults have jobs in the
neighboring towns. We garden, fish and do all of the things
that "regular" Americans do.

I promise you that if you (or your
radical friend Mike Savage) visited here, you would no longer call
this a compound but you would refer to it as the community that it is.
Please take my invitation seriously.
Thanks again for your reply.

P.S. I can give you the names of the tow companies that we called
that would not take this school bus out of here. By the way, in one
of your blogs you mentioned that fact that we shouldn't even have a
bus because our Sheikh claims that we have our own schools. Wouldn't
we need a bus to go on outings? Why do churches have buses? Why is
it that when Christians or Jews establish their own places to live,
they live in what is called communities and we live in compounds?
Can we stop the hate speech and the petty talk and really get down to
business? Pleasse consider vivisting us. I am offereing you (and
Mike Savage) a chance to speak to us directly, face to face, no holds
Thanks Again.


Hi Maryam,

I was cruising through the ton of "I have been awarded millions of dollars, I need your bank account number." on the great yahoo email system and was glad I saw this before I deleted the 99% of idiocy I recieve. You make great and valid points about wanting to move away from high crime areas. That I can not disagree with. No person needs to be in such a horrible environment where rampant drug use, murder and prostitution runs rampant. This next text may suprise you , but I applaud the group for protecting your children from those scumbags, that would certainly be a dire threat to the children and others for that matter. I have zero use for drug dealers, prostitutes and the vermin that associate with them. On a personal issue, I have lived in an area like you described with the crime etc., just not as bad. I moved.

If you would, I'd like the numbers of the tow companies, I'm in the process of getting the equipment for phone interviews so I can record them, and put them online. I want all sides of the story to be presented. Yes, I am candid and do not mince words, I am also fair .

I don't have the time off of work to actually visit Islamberg, but from some reports from the Canadian Free Press, they are claiming that visitors (non Muslims ) are not allowed into the compound. I do also realize that the FBI and some local Politicians have already visited the site for a function supporting (Muslim Boy Scouts ?) if i'm not mistaken. I have the names of the people from the FBI and the others that attented the function.

Now to the bus issue. Who threw the rocks into the windows and how did it become in such bad shape ? Did people outside of your community enter and vandalize the bus ?

One last question. Do the people in your community believe that Sharia law should be implemented in America ? Thanks for responding , and keep in touch.

P.S. Michael Savage has no idea I exist. Maybe you should call his show and talk to him about it ? Call the media, invite them. I'm just a kafir with a blog. Be well.


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