Wednesday, June 06, 2007

E-Mail From Islamberg ?

Recieved this E-Mail for a Muslim Lady that says she lives in Islamberg for 10 years. I have no way to verify this, but I promised I'd post it. My response is first.

Thank you for the email Maryam. Let me first be honest, I'm against Muslims that want to kill Jews, Christians, and other Muslims in the name of Islam for a great reward in paradise. It's that simple. If you claim the "gun fire and explosions " come from a quarry, that's an acceptable explanation, because I have not been there. It's your side of the story, and I will post it on my blog. You claim the windows are broken because of rocks thrown at them. I'll post it, it's your side of the story.

I find it difficult to believe that the community can not find a business to tow the vehicle off. I'm not calling you a liar, I just find it hard to believe.

As far as the rest of the questions . ( Links did not work from the copied email )

Preparations for "Homegrown Jihad" in the US?
Canada Free Press, Canada - Jun 5, 2007
... provided more media coverage into the Islamic encampment in New York state that this agency has been reporting on for the last 18 months - Islamberg. ...
Suspected terrorists in JFK Airport plot tried to forge connection ... Canada Free Press
all 2 news articles »

Authorities eye Catskills commune
ImediNews, Georgia - Jun 4, 2007
The New York Post Monday reported that Islamberg, a remote 70-acre commune in Tompkins, NY, is the headquarters for Muslims of the Americas but is also ...
all 6 news articles »

Canada Free Press "Islamberg" founder Sheikh Gilani blames Doug Hagmann for CFP story
Canada Free Press, Canada - May 22, 2007
Sheikh Mubarik Ali Hasmi Shah Gilani, founder of the terrorist organization Jamaat ul Fuqra and lead terrorist of "Islamberg" in Hancock, New York, ...

Islamberg not the only radical Muslim compound flourishing in ...
Canada Free Press, Canada - May 21, 2007
The two FBI types breaking bread with the enemy in the photo above at "Islamberg" look right at home to Canada Free Press (CFP). Notice the weapons these ...

More Islamberg powderkegs
American Thinker, AZ - May 21, 2007
Apparently Islamberg, NY, where Moslems receive terrorist training in the good old USA, is one of several such compounds in North America. ...

Religion of Peas: Stop Posting About Islamberg or We'll Kill You.
Jawa Report, TX - May 21, 2007
I have links to MPJ and Scott's original posts about Islamberg below the fold. Scott has some done some great work digging up terror supprting Islamists ...

Canada Free Press Blogger who posted CFP Islamberg story had life threatened
Canada Free Press, Canada - May 15, 2007
"Were any of you threatened in any way, specifically for carrying the Islamberg story?" asked a blogger, who copied Canada Free Press (CFP) last night. ...

Islamberg: American Powderkeg?
American Thinker, AZ - May 16, 2007
In the past, thousands of members of the US branches of Jamaat ul-Fuqra traveled to Pakistan for paramilitary training, but encampments, such as Islamberg, ...

Springtime in Islamberg
FrontPage, CA - May 14, 2007
Situated within a dense forest at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains on the outskirts of Hancock, New York, Islamberg is not an ideal place for a ...

MOA cause for concern?
Asheville Citizen-Times, NC - May 27, 2007
Do you know where Islamberg is? According to a former New York TV news reporter, it sits on about 120 acres just outside of rural Hancock, NY, ...

I have said, and will repeat, "IF" there are any such jihadist activities in the community the ATF and the FBI should come in and shut it down, just as the Waco compound was.

Now as far as "Bashing Muslims" ? Yes, I bash the hades out of the terrorists Muslims (The kind that kill little baby Muslims for Allah.) And further more I want them dead. You claim I'm a bigot ? Well my stance stands, I want terrorist Muslims dead. If I'm a bigot, so be it.

I'd rather be a live bigot, than a dead dhimmi.

Best of wishes, thanks again for the email. Savage is not my friend, he doesn't know I exist (Wish he did. )

Jeff ( Who had the guts to email you )

You can find this email @ wrote:


Let me start by saying that I am an American Muslim lady who lives in
Islamberg, New York with my family. I have lived here for almost 10
years now and am quite insulted by your intimations that there is
foul play going on here in our community. I would like to take you
at your word where you say that you aren't opposed to every Muslim,
however it seems as though you have an obsession with anti-Islamic
media. Have you ever visited here before?
I invite you to actually see this ill-famed school bus that is an
eyesore on our property that we cannot seem to get anyone to tow out
of here. The windows are not blown out due to gunfire...they have
rocks thrown into them. This para-military training that you're
talking about? When and where did this happen? I remember an
interview with one of our neighbors about a year ago where he claimed
that we run around in camoflauge and do manuevers up and down the
roads. I really don't know what he was referring to but it was funny
to me because he was wearing camo in the interview. But, I guess
Muslims can't wear camo. The gunfire and supposed explosions? Well,
we live right down the road from a rock quarry that detonates rocks
to blow them apart.
I could go on and on but really what is the use. You are going to
continue to bash Muslims and speak about things that you have no
knowledge about because that is what is most comfortable to you. If
you really want to be informative and not bigotted then ask questions
and stop criticizing what you don't know. By the way, your friend
Mike Savage has never been here, so what does he know? If you have
the guts, you have my email address.

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