Wednesday, June 27, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“’The gathering climate of suspicion and mutual mistrust, exacerbated by the lack of engagement and dialogue, threatens to marginalize and alienate some Muslim Americans to the point where the danger of radicalization of a small minority could become a real possibility,’ the Chicago Council on Global Affairs report says. ‘It would take only a single, significant act of terrorism in the United States involving Muslim Americans to cement the impression that rampant radicalism has taken root within the community.’”

Note: “’only a single, significant act of terrorism. . .to cement the impression that rampant radicalism has taken root.’”

The Council calls on civil Muslims to carry the heavier end of the responsibility stick. It is up to them to cement in America civil relations before zealot Muslims set loose carnage. That carnage could spread widely and deeply to destroy this republic.

That is the crucial confrontation now facing this free nation. Will a single blowup start the domino falldown of others which will alarm citizenry to conclude that America has become another Iraq potential?

“’This is a group that is half-Muslim, half non-Muslim that came together because we believe that America is losing by not having the appropriate involvement of Muslim Americans in the civil discourse of politics,’ said task force co-chair Lynn Martin, a former Republican congresswoman and secretary of labor in the George H.W. Bush administration. ‘This is not whiny. This is not about what’s wrong. What it says is, here are some potential solutions.’”

In Iraq, street killers under Allah win. No peace politicians or agencies can quell street killers intent on blowing up themselves and others. Sudan is ablaze. So is Darfur. So is the Middle East. So is Afghanistan. Will that occur in North America?

It could.

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