Thursday, May 24, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

To take in a presidential news conference is to feel one’s nerves fly apart.

President Bush contradicts himself, presents naïve appraisals of Iraqi conditions, backtracks concerning immigration overviews and shoves himself more and more into one corner after another.

Mr. Bush is daily confronted with the huge mistake of presuming a Judeo-Christian heritage democracy could be transferred to a Koran-based Muslim way of life. Now he pays the awful price. And the troops pay as well—with their deaths and wounds.

Mr. Bush is also daily confronted with Iranian threats, many brought about due to his stirring up a Muslim creed based on slice and dice. Iran is responding often with bellicose cries due to Mr. Bush taunting Muslim countries with a political hubris all too frequent in Washington DC.

When it comes to immigration or Iraq, Mr. Bush really has nothing practical by way of solution. He thereby speaks and then addresses reporters’ questions with swashing from right to left, falling off the logical page, and at times just not making any or little sense on a subject.

This is truly a sad time in our Republic’s history.

We are in a quagmire that we reasonable citizens never asked for. Now Republicans and Democrats are stuck with impossible dilemmas. Besides, they work in a milieu that is of course always politically opportunistic. Therefore, pure legislation “science” cannot work for the good of the people when coming from the US Congress.

Therefore, we at the grassroots are living daily—enduring, actually—a legislative and executive branch duo that has no idea where it is headed.

Thank God that America is more than DC. America actually goes on existing with its liberties in place to the degree that they are because of the “little people” who keep the nation balanced.

Question: Can the American levelheaded grassroots continue in patience until this Bush administration is over and out? I believe the grassroots will continue in patience for we actually have no alternative.

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