Monday, May 21, 2007

Religion of Peace Says : "Stop posting about Islamberg or you're dead."

May 21, 2007

Religion of Peas: Stop Posting About Islamberg or We'll Kill You.
Remember the recent stories about an Islamic compound in up-state NY? Well Scott of Scott's Blog over at borgnet has been following the story and It looks like he earned a Fatwa! The death threats started last week and they seem quite credible. In fact it appears they are already stalking him.

Scott of Scott's Blog: The first call I missed so I listened to my voice mail and a person with perfect English told me to answer the phone on the next ring and that it was very important. The phone rang and I heard chanting of some sort in the back ground and a middle eastern thick accent person started his hate rant to me.

The caller said “I had better stop making any further postings about Islamic compounds in the US and to remove the post I had made or I will be killed like the dogs in Iraq are.”
What makes this so creditable is the fact that this person described the vehicle I was in on Saturday going to the mall and the Auto shop that is across from me including that I have solar reflection film on my apartment windows with 3 a/c’s in all of them.

I wear glasses and was in blue knee high shorts.OK, so that has to be distrurbing. I hope Scott has concealed carry permit.
Scott reported these threats to law enforcement with little action taken (they took a report of the threats)
but the threats continued this weekend.

This time it was an exchange of insults because I didn’t give him enough time to spew out his Islamic chanting at me. This time they lasted longer and were more fun. By the time the second call ended he was all pissed off at me and telling me I was in “really big trouble this time” all because of my post about Muslim Mosques and the Islamic compounds being flags of conquer. OH !! and get this — he said they are peaceful LOLOLOLOL so I said “so you threaten to kill me and that’s peaceful ?” which caused more insults to be lashed out at me.I have links to MPJ and Scott's original posts about Islamberg below the fold.

Scott has some done some great work digging up terror supporting Islamists links to this compound. It is no wonder they want to silence him. So surf around a bit while you are there.
These threats and intimidation will only result in more exposure not the silence the threats are meant to create.
Hat Tip: RBT.

More here from Canada Free Press.
Scott's Post Springtime in Islamberg.
Jihad in Scenic Upstate NYBy Howie at May 21, 2007 09:30 AM

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  1. Gabby4:11 PM

    One of the ways you can tell if you are on the right track is by taking notice of who it is you are pissing off....

    Good for you!! The truth will in the end make us all free. That is what scares the pudding out of the mo's.