Friday, May 18, 2007

No Amnesty For Sellout Politicians : GET RID OF THEM NOW.

Comedian George Carlin once said, “The term ‘bipartisan’ simply means that there’s a larger than usual deception going on.” Those words were never truer than they are today.

The Senate “reached across party lines” to craft a deal that would “grant amnesty to millions of illegals while securing our borders.”

Well, they’re almost all here, so I guess the border is secure. The thinking by some being that if everybody who lives in your area is already in your house, there’s no need to put locks on your doors. Brilliant.

Here’s what was said:

Bush: “This is a bill where people who live here in our country will be treated without amnesty but without animosity.”

Ted Kennedy: “the best possible chance we will have in years to secure our borders and bring millions of people out of the shadows and into the sunshine of America.”

John Kyl: “it represents the best opportunity that we have in a bipartisan way to do something about this problem.”

Kyl’s words represent what’s wrong with Congress in general who populate the city that confuses motion with positive action. Sometimes doing nothing is far more advisable than doing “something.”

you’re drowning, and Congress threw you a cinder block, they would gladly return to the chamber with smiles on their devious faces and report that they “did something about the problem.”

Sometimes George W. Bush makes me wince at having defended him on other issues. He dances around the word “amnesty” like Fred Astair, not realizing that what you call it doesn’t change its form.

Try calling your bathtub an automobile and then hop on and see how far it takes you.

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