Tuesday, May 22, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“These followers of Christ sing, ‘I will worship you no matter what. I will sing for you no matter what. I will choose you no matter what. You have changed my history,’” per Greg Musselman of CWNews.com.

“They’ve been forsaken by their friends, and even family members, but Ethiopia’s Christians are still finding the strength to stand.”

Their churches are burnt to the ground. The fanatic Muslim mob saw to it. Zealot Islamics were then going to haul off Christians to the mosque, forcing them to becoming Muslims.

A worn account? Yes.

It’s going on worldwide though the secular press gives it scant coverage. Nevertheless, it is daily fact. God knows. Heaven takes note. Christians in free countries must intercede by taking earnest prayer note.

“All three evangelical church buildings in the village, The Full Gospel, the Lutheran and Mennonite churches were burned and destroyed. This is the result of a March 2006 Muslim mob rampage in the northeastern part of the country.

“Neighbors reported that local police provided an accelerant to burn the churches, and urged the attackers to work quickly before federal police arrived to intervene.”

What refuge do Christians have when the police work in concert with the criminals? None but divine intervention.

“Werkena, 76, was badly injured in the attack. Werkena is the gatekeeper at the Lutheran church. During the well-organized assault, 300 people had gathered at the church, set it on fire, and threw rocks at Werkena, who went to hide in a room near the church.

“’They not only burned the church, they started to burn the room I was in,’ Werkena said. ‘The fire was all over my clothes. They thought I was dead.’

“Werkena had his right hand and left arm broken during the brutal attack. His left arm was so badly damaged, it may have to be amputated. He was also beaten on the head.

“He said, ‘They knew that while I was beaten harshly, I was not dead. They brought swords, and while they were preparing to slaughter me on my neck, the police came in and rescued me.’ Werkena knows it was God who saved his life.

“’I believe it’s God who rescued my life,’ he asserted. ‘They were beating me with a stick and also with stones. There were many people in the compound, but God was overshadowing me and covering me by His hand. Otherwise, I would have died.’”

What prayer support do such persecuted believers have globally? Certainly not from the apostate liberals within Christendom. Satan has diverted their energies to defend killing womb babies and honoring homosexual “marriage.”

All the while persecuted biblical believers are standing alongside the gospel, putting their earthly existences on the line. Biblical believers in freedom countries know this and therefore lift these brothers and sisters high on the prayer lists.

“Now Werkena is back at work and says he hopes the Lord gives him 76 more years to serve Him.”

All the more biblical disciples must give out the gospel for others to become converts to Christ as personal Savior. The biblical community must grow and grow. It is needed desperately in an increasingly confused and immoral time.

“Abubakkar was an Eritrean soldier and a Muslim before coming to Christ in 2000. He came to Jesus after reading the Bible following his capture by the Ethiopian military. He was put in a prison camp. He says he had been searching for truth for many years, and finally found that in Christ.

“Eighteen-year-old Almaz had two dreams about Jesus, and along with a testimony and changed life from her brother, also left Islam to become a Christian in 2004.

“Up until the mob attacks, their Muslim father, who had tolerated their Christian faith, turned on them. They fled to another village.

“’When we were chased out, we went directly to the church. We were by ourselves. We were very lonely. That was painful,’ Abubakkar recalled.

“Abubakkar and Almaz have since returned to their village. Abubakkar said, ‘We are very fearful. Our friends who are fundamentalist Muslims and our parents threaten us, threatening to kill us, to eliminate us. Each and every hour, every minute, we are living in fear.’”

Islam World Rule!

That is the zealot Muslim war cry. The Christians stand in the way. They must be slaughtered. Cowardly Muslims must also be eliminated. To wipe out the infidels is to be loyal to Allah, thus offering that deity offerings of blood on a daily basis.

“Abubakkar and Almaz are no longer without a place to live, thanks to The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, for which they are very grateful.

“’My happiness and joy is so great to know there is somebody who cares for me, who prays for me,’ Almaz said. Full Gospel pastor Alaling says in spite of threats of further attacks, it’s important and encouraging for Christians here that these church buildings are reconstructed.

“The Lutheran church has been rebuilt. The Mennonite and Full Gospel churches were in the process of putting up new structures when we visited.

“One of the positive outcomes of the persecution is the unity of the church. The three local congregations often come together for joint services and fellowship.

“Pastor Alaling said, ‘After the persecution, the love of the believers for each other increased. Everybody is concerned about each other. “What would happen to my brother this time? Is he okay?” We go and visit believers, so our love has increased.’”

“And while there is concern about future attacks, these followers of Christ know that the joy of the Lord is their strength.”


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  1. Gabby4:06 PM

    This all reads like something out of antiquity--real lions and gladiators stuff these Christians are enduring.

    Coincidental (not) that a murderous cult from out of the 600's is behind their persecution.

    Daily prayers in their behalf is the least we can do. Nasty, hateful murderous Mo's--just like their "perfect man"--fooey.