Thursday, May 17, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Swift and Company won’t give in to Muslim pressure for time off work for daily prayer slots, per AP.

Those who apply for jobs are informed of the policy. If they can’t comply, it should end there. Instead, Muslims get the orientation, go on the job, then complain that they don’t get time off for their prayer mats during a workday.

In Grand Island, Nebraska, Muslims quit at the meatpacking plant. The company will not ask them to return. The policy will remain intact.

“Swift and Company spokesman Sean McHugh says the company makes ‘reasonable accommodations for legitimate religious practices,’ but adds that breaks are governed by a labor contract and all employees are told about them during orientation for new employees.

“The head of the union local says the union contract makes no provisions for prayer, which many Muslims perform five times a day and adds that the workers ‘issued the company an ultimatum.’

“The union chief says 94 Muslim workers quit, but the company put the figure around 70. The Grand Island plant has around 29-hundred workers.”

Imagine the Muslim employees demanding of the company. That’s the Muslim mode.
They demand. They don’t dialogue. It’s going on worldwide. If civil nations do not stop this push-and-shove approach, non-Muslim environs will be eliminated for stipulations set forth in the Koran.

Entire article here.

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  1. Anonymous10:57 PM

    We must resisy this absolutely at every turn. Do not take cabs that are driven by Musliums and resist all changes to our regular way of life. Look at how they live, is that the way you want our country to end up. All over the world every where there are Musliums there is war , repression and discrimination. I pray that we will stop this before it is too late!