Tuesday, May 01, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Zealot Muslim leaders are dictating to all Muslims to remain right where they are, particularly in the streets when violence erupts. If they flee the streets, who will be there for Muslim to slay Muslim, they preach?

So it is that not only do zealot Muslims slay non-Muslims. They slay one another, per Hana Levi Julian of Arutz Sheva.

Palestinian Authority spokesmen are hard headed about this. Street violence is increasing. Fatah versus Hamas terrorist groups are at it daily.

Those living in PA-controlled areas are now realizing that their leadership has not provided them the peace promised. Therefore, there are thousands of Muslims who are leaving Israel for other nations. This has to stop, PA dictates, for then “Jew-pigs” will take over. “Jew-pigs” is the term used by zealot Muslims in defining Jews as descendants of swine and monkeys.

“Thousands of Muslim worshippers living in PA-controlled territories are trying to flee their increasingly violent surroundings. Their religious leaders are doing what they can to force them to stay.

“On Sunday, a 55-year-old man was killed in Gaza City by members of a rival clan. Two Arab residents of Gaza were moderately wounded in a shooting attack near Khan Younis. Several gang members were also arrested in Gaza City after attempting to kidnap a child outside of a local school; the members confessed that they planned to hold the child for ransom.

“Sheikh Hamad Al-Bitawi, a Muslim religious leader and Hamas member, has announced that Arab Muslims are forbidden to emigrate from Israel.”

Once again, the “religion of pieces” is showing its doctrine to be blood letting rather than offering civility. Those interpreting the Koran legalistically — its murder and maiming verses in particular — see it as their obligation under Allah to demand their own kind remain to fight.

With fanatic Muslims signing off on sacrificing their lives and their children’s lives in suicide bombs, it is not surprising that the crazed leadership demands just that. Far better more Muslim blood in the streets than Jews moving to their turf.

“Al-Bitawi ruled recently that Muslims must remain in order to counteract the fast growth of the Jewish population. Thousands of Jews arrive in Israel each month, Al-Bitawi said. It ‘makes the heart weep,’ he told PA residents.”

Is it not interesting how the Muslim heart “weeps” because of peaceful Jews moving into Israel? Yet no heart bleeding for Muslim slaughtering Muslim to keep the Muslim presence in certain geographies. This is the base of the cultic mindset of the fanatic Muslims intent on cementing their leadership.

“Despite Muslim leaders’ protests, however, thousands of Arabs are abandoning their homes and flooding out of Israel every month, particularly from Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

“At a news conference in Ramallah last November, PA Foreign Ministry spokesman said that 10,000 Arabs had received permits from Western diplomats to enter their countries since July 2006. He said that most are university graduates or potential immigrants able to invest financially in their new country and called for a halt to the Arab brain drain.

“Suboh added that some 45,000 more had requested permission to emigrate since the deterioration in the economic situation and constant violence between the Fatah and Hamas terrorist groups.

“Firefights between factions have continued to pour blood into the streets, particularly in Gaza. And the frequent ‘ceasefires’ between Hamas and Fatah and the recent cobbling together of a ‘unity government’ have done little to stem the violence.”

Wherever street fighters reign, they stay. It’s the same in Iraq. It’s the same in Afghanistan. It’s the same in Sudan. It’s the same wherever the bullet and bomb rule. The next generation takes up the blood let. And then the next generation takes up the blood let.

Diplomats from peace nations cannot change any of this. Street fighters thumb their noses at so-called peace diplomats for street fighters know that one bomb can make more of a dent for carnage than a thousand round-table peace talks.


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