Wednesday, May 02, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

“. . .to the very Last One.”

Sheik Abmad Bahr, acting Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, preached his Friday message at a Sudan mosque. His sermon dictated that every American and Israeli must be “annihilated and called upon Allah to kill Jews and Americans,” per Jerusalem Post and MEMRI.

“‘You will be victorious’ on the face of this planet. You are the masters of the world on the face of this planet. Yes, [the Koran says that] ‘you will be victorious,’ but only ‘if you are believers.’ Allah willing, ‘you will be victorious,’ while America and Israel will be annihilated.

“’I guarantee you that the power of belief and faith is greater than the power of America and Israel. They are cowards who are eager for life, while we are eager for death for the sake of Allah. That is why America’s nose was rubbed in the mud in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Somalia, and everywhere.’”

He kept accenting the ascendancy of Islam World Rule as democracies become less and less powerful. Allah’s disciples will gain planetary control, he preached.

The Muslims “‘will be victorious, if you are believers.’ Oh Muslims, I guarantee you that the
power of Allah is greater than America, by whom many are blinded today. Some people are blinded by the power of America. We say to them that with the might of Allah, with the might of His Messenger, and with the power of Allah, we are stronger than America and Israel.’

“The Hamas spokesperson concluded with a prayer, saying: ‘Oh Allah, vanquish the Jews and their supporters. Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them all, down to the very last one. Oh Allah, show them a day of darkness. Oh Allah, who sent down His Book, the mover of the clouds, who defeated the enemies of the Prophet, defeat the Jews and the Americans, and bring us victory over them.’”

Is there any doubt that wherever zealot Muslims gain street killing control, the carnage continues till the end of time. That is why Iraqi peace will never happen due to Allah disciples fighting with bombs and bullets in the streets. Peace diplomats stand no chance against such an enemy.

If such street fighters gain headway in America, it will be the same carnage here.

It will be so in Canada.

Already Europe is wrestling with this sort of intrusion. Take France for example. There are now districts throughout that country where police have given up. They have resigned zealot Muslim authority to those districts because of street fighters threatening civility.

Sudan is a prime example of zealot Muslim militia raping and murdering innocent non-Muslims. News feeds the other day reported a mother raped, then her three children thrown alive into a fire. This was in the Darfur district of Sudan.


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