Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More Islamic compounds in the US - South Carolina

So after investigating more about Islamberg a friend ran across in South Carolina.

Welcome to Holy Islamville!
Holy Islamville is a Muslim village in South Carolina, established by His Eminence, El-Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, in 1983 as Islamville. Upon the event of miraculous manifestations (Karamaat) of Allah Ta’ala, the Baitun-Noor Khanqah (the very first Islamic shrine in America) was erected and the village renamed to Holy Islamville in the holy month of Ramadan al-Mubarak, 1423 AH (2002 AD). The magnitude of the Karamaat of Allah Ta’ala has resulted in the Baitun-Noor Khanqah as being one of the holiest shrines in the world.

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  1. High Tech Hillbilly5:15 AM

    We need to start publishing GPS coordinates for these known, and also suspected, Islamic Compounds on the internet so more people can navigate to them and check them out. Keep an eye on them, take pictures, etc.
    Could turn out to be a new kind of "Geocaching", as the GPS crowd calls it. A bit more exciting too.
    Coordinates make it easy for anybody to pinpoint a location in Google Maps or Streets & Trips.
    We need a lot of people driving by and checking these places out.