Friday, May 25, 2007

FreeRepublic : Michael Savage Thread Remembers One Of It's Own

Tarkus2040 , If you come across this post.

This is a personal
"Thankyou". I still lurk around at FR at the
SAVAGE NATION LIVE!! thread. Best of wishes to all the "Savage Infidels". I sincerely miss you guys and gals being a part of my day after work.

Also another "Thankyou" to alexsmithers , for posting the link on FR, on this blog, about Islamberg.

Of most importance, thankyou to all the women and men in the United States Military. You are the bravest of people. The sacrifices you make everyday, for simpletons like me with a big mouth and a stupid blog amazes me.

Aim well.


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