Monday, May 21, 2007

Double Standards In America

I find this amazing.

Well , no I don't.

If you were to make a call to a Mosque and threaten to kill some one,( AND PLEASE DON'T DO THAT. ) what do you think the Feds would do ? More than likely 15 minutes later they would be knocking on your door,( Or breaking it down.) with a C.A.I.R. Representative along side.

Why is it , that when an ordinary American like Scott, puts a story up about Islamberg, gets a couple of death threats from Muslims, AND NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT IT ?

CAIR has
An article titled "Anti Muslim Slur Leads To Charges." The article says "This is a horribly flagrant act of racism and discrimination that no civilization can tolerate."

Yes racial slurs are horrible, but put this in context. What's worse, racial slurs, or Muslims around the planet waging violent jihad in the name of Islam ? (check your local news about Lebanon )

Cair also has another article of the FBI "Probing a website showing a shooting of a Koran."

Do I condone such behavior as shooting a Koran ? No, I wouldn't waste the ammo.

Again put things in "Context" . What's worse, shooting a book, or cutting the throats of infidels?

It seems our "Moderate Muslim" friends , should put things in perspective and in "Context". As they are so fond of telling the rest of us.

What's next , footbaths for Muslims in airports ?

OH WAIT........

Jeff Davis ( I approve of everything I texted. )

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