Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cellphone videos have appeared on the Internet showing an Iraqi mob stoning and kicking to death a 17-year-old girl after she offended community.

I'm not going to post the video on this blog. You may view it at THIS LINK.

Her face is drenched in blood but uniformed and armed officers of the Iraqi police stand by and do nothing to prevent the attack.

The slim, dark-haired girl is wearing a red tracksuit top and black underwear during the beating

At one point she struggles to sit up and cover herself, but a man kicks her in the face knocking her violently back to the ground.

The assault continues for several minutes and she does not appear to cry out nor resist her attackers.

Members of a large crowd can be seen filming the murder on their cellphones, some of them shouting or kicking out at the cowering victim.

Nobody tries to help her.


  1. The story began when Duaa, a second-year student at the Fine Arts Institute in Bashiqa, fell in love with her neighbour, Muhannad, the owner of a nearby cosmetics shop. Muhannad used to wait for Duaa after her college classes, and her parents were aware of the relationship.

    The Yezidis are ethnic Kurds who practice a unique religion that incorporates elements of ancient faiths such as Zoroastrianism, as well as drawing on Islam and Christianity. Dismissed by some as “devil-worshippers”, the Yezidis have coped with such misperceptions by keeping themselves to themselves, while seeking not to antagonize other communities.

    One hard-and-fast rule of Yezidi tradition is that marriage outside the faith is not permitted. To circumvent this, Duaa reportedly asked Muhannad to elope with her, but he refused, saying that Muslim tradition recommends that both families give their a blessing to a marriage.

    Finally, Duaa decided to convert to Islam so that she could marry Muhannad. She informed her parents, who were not pleased, but did not take any action to stop her. They appear to have regarded her decision as a domestic matter, and not one for the wider community.

    When her tribe learned of her conversion, the girl took refuge with a Yezidi cleric, a common practice when people fear retribution. She stayed in the cleric’s home, and her parents begged him not to surrender her to anyone, according to Mustafa Muslim, a grocer in the town.

    On April 7, Aswad’s uncles came to the cleric and told him that the family had forgiven the girl and wanted her to return with them.

    “She thought they had really forgiven her, when she was going to her death,” said Muslim. “She was wearing a black skirt and a red jacket with her hair in a pony hair.”

    After just a few yards, Duaa was surrounded by 13 of her cousins, together with a large crowd of other Yezidis.

    “They started kicking and punching her, pulling her hair and forcing her to the ground,” said Muslim, who witnessed the event. “She was shouting for help. Her father tried to get to her but the people stopped him.”

    In a subsequent interview with a local TV station, the father said he had sent his brother to bring the girl home, but had no idea that a group was waiting to kill her.

    A brutal execution lasting two hours followed, most of which was filmed on mobile phones. The footage, which circulated first among Mosul residents and later on the internet, showed the girl on the ground surrounded by a frenzied crowd. Young men beat and kicked her, first throwing small stones and then fetching bigger ones and large concrete bricks.

    The girl, bleeding heavily, desperately tried to protect her face with one hand and cover her naked legs with the other after her dress was been torn. After a while, she stopped moving. As she lay still, the cheering crowd continued to throw stones at her.

    Later, her killers took her body to the outskirts of town, burned it and buried her remains with those of a dog, to show they regarded her as worthless and dirty.

  2. Linda4:58 PM

    That is disgusting. How can people be so heart-less one gets stonned to death because she loved.. I know about religion as i am muslim but stonning to death is something i disagree with. It's unhumain, god burn those who are that violent and heartless towards another soul.