Monday, May 07, 2007

Baghdad Wedding Party Ends In Murder Of 28

At least 28 people were killed when gunmen attacked a wedding party for a policeman near a town east of Iraqi restive city of Fallujah, police sources said Monday.

'Dozens of gunmen riding 20 vehicles Sunday night stormed a wedding party for a policeman near the town of Karma (50 km west of Baghdad) and kidnapped some 40 people, including the bridegroom,' the sources said.

Iraqi security forces rushed to the area and chased the gunmen, the source said, killing five militants and freeing some of the abducted.

During the search for the attackers, the police found 23 bodies of the kidnapped people. Sixteen of them were burned to death and seven beheaded, including the bridegroom, the sources said.

Locals blamed Al Qaeda militants for the brutal attack.


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