Monday, April 30, 2007

Would You Shake Hands With a Jewish Person?

Moderate Muslims answer this question.

I get banned from the Sean Hannity chat forum for calling the Nation of Islam, a Nation of Idiots. AMAZING. Please send the too Pawn Vannity, and his dhimmis.


  1. I got banned from the Sean Hannity message board because I said that I think the muzlims are evil people. What is wrong here? Where is the freedom of speech.

    The video is shocking by the way. Thanks for posting it!


  2. najistani6:46 AM


    In a case which is revoltingly reminiscent of the torture and mutilation of Kriss Donald (tongue cut out, eyeballs gouged out, castrated, stabbed 13 times, and finally set on fire whilst still alive - see ) three Christians have been Satanically tortured and mutilated to death in the name of Allah.

    "The men were disemboweled, and their intestines sliced up in front of their eyes. They were emasculated and watched as those body parts were destroyed. .... fingers were chopped off and their noses and mouths and anuses were sliced open as part of what it called "satanic torture." Tilman was stabbed 156 times, Necati 99 times and Ugur’s stabs were too numerous to count. Finally, their throats were sliced from ear to ear, and their "heads practically decapitated." . From

    Of course, our dhimmified, petrodollar-bribed politicians will never admit that such hideous crimes are an inevitable consequence of the fundamental beliefs of Islam, which teaches implacable hatred of the 'Kaffir pigs and monkeys' from infancy onwards.

    Expect more of this kind of thing. But don't expect it to be reported in the MSM.

  3. najistani5:58 PM

    najistani said...
    Here's a nice video but it doesn't really do much in the opening 80 seconds until you get to the first human sacrifice to Allah. Enjoy and celebrate diversity!

  4. najistani,

    Over the years I've seen many of these videos on the web. I will never forget the first one I saw. I got literally sick, and didn't sleep well for a few days. They do although show the true face of our enemies. Ruthless barbarians that will execute people in the most heinous fashion while screaming "God is great." In my opinion many people in America do not want to come to terms with what our enemy is capable of. It's disturbing on so many levels, that people refuse to deal with it. What I try to do, is take these films and "water them down", (not show the actual killings) but still leave it up to the viewer to understand what will happen next. Make no mistake about it , the fundamentalist Muslim terrorists have one mission, our death.