Tuesday, April 17, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

America had better prepare for what is happening in Iraq. Muslims are not all of one column. They have splits. The splits war against one another.

That kind of carnage can exist in the United States if not contained. Once it is set loose with no authority able to contain the mayhem, the nation must dig in for the long term of Islamic civil war. In Iraq it will have no end, no matter the diplomatic statements of free country leaders.
Street killers don’t care what those in posh offices announce to the world.

Per New York Times’ report from Dearborn, MI: “Twice recently, vandals have shattered windows at three mosques and a dozen businesses popular among Shiite Muslims along Warren Avenue, the spine of the Arab community here.

“Although police have arrested no one, most in Dearborn’s Iraqi Shiite community blame the Sunni Muslims.

“’The Shiites were very happy that they killed Saddam, but the Sunnis were in tears,’ said Aqeel al-Tamimi, 34, an immigrant Iraqi truck driver and a Shiite. ‘These people look at us like we sold our country to America.’”

European countries are already weighed under by Muslims fighting Muslims. When that occurs, innocent persons often are killed in the fray. That can happen throughout North America if both US and Canadian officials do not take warning.

Inviting Muslims of any conviction into a country may stir the brew for heating up. Some of those Muslims may be the so-called “moderate Muslims.” However, one never knows. And one never knows when within those benign groups rebels rise to the killing top.

Right now Michigan is a powder keg. It is in reality a Muslim province. The same for Philadelphia where 7000 Muslims from Russia were invited by President Bush and Congress. These Muslims were GIVEN houses, furniture, pensions, citizenship, health coverage and a welcome mat. Who knows what rebels are housed in those neighborhoods?

“Escalating tensions between Sunnis and Shiites across the Middle East are rippling through some American Muslim communities and have been blamed for vandalism and student confrontations.

“Political splits between those for and against the American invasion of Iraq fuel some of the animosity, but it is also a fight among Muslims about who represents Islam.

“Long before the vandalism in Dearborn and Detroit, feuds had been simmering on some
college campuses. Some Shiite students said they had faced repeated discrimination.

“’A microcosm of what is happening in Iraq happened in New Jersey because people couldn’t put aside their differences,’ said Sami Elmansoury, a Sunni Muslim and former vice president of the Islamic Society at Rutgers University.”

In the meantime, certain school districts in the US have invited Islamic instructors to speak to administration and students about Islam as the “peace religion.” Certain privileges are granted Muslim students on campuses that are not granted Christians and Jews.

This obsession with Islam is taking over various academic department heads. Is not this ironic in locales where academic intelligence is supposed to be top priority? Obviously, the blindness of academic liberalism continues to carry the day.

“Although the war in Iraq is one crucial cause, some students and experts on sectarianism also attribute the fissure to the significant growth in the Muslim-American population over the past few decades.

“Some Muslim communities are so large that the majority Sunnis and minority Shiites now maintain their own mosques, schools and social clubs. Many Muslim students first meet someone from the other branch of their faith at college.”

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