Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Italian TV Shows Sub Human Scum Terrorists Beheading People

I get this from . They title it as Italian TV Shows Beheading Video . Either way they get two plugs, and the video shows nothing horrid.

I've seen a number of beheading videos on the web. I prefer to see the vermin , scum for what they are. The vile , murdering 7th century throwbacks , they must be stopped. As a matter of fact I will go ON THE RECORD AS SAYING "Muslim terrorists must be killed.", not spoken with, not coddled, not "Brought back into the fold."

They must simply cease to breathe air.

That being texted, if you disagree with me I don't really care. Also of note I don't represent , so don't go complaining too them I posted this.

We both have different styles of posting. They are more soft spoken, and it works for their site. ( That is one of the best I've seen on the web.)

For me, I'm going to take the Michael Savage point of view from now on.

I've been banned from too many chat progs, too many "Conservative rooms", too many of everything. I actually understand how Savage feels, no one will touch him, only a few will back him up. Well, the few that back up sites like and the rest of us that are begging you too wake the hell up I thankyou, to the rest of you,


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