Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Islamist Blogger Posts "Hit List"

Picked this up from infidelsarecool .

So I noticed we had a new inbound link and it was from a new blog labeled “Radical Muslim”. This blog is very new, only has 3 posts, and was started in April… so its less than one week old. I thought to myself, “Ok, this must be a new, anti-radical Islam website.” So, I clicked through to check out the site and found out that this person is actually a radical Islamic himself.

In his third post, he shares his “hit-list” of popular conservative bloggers:

I am here, alive on Earth, to worship Allah. What I actually meant was why I am I blogging on this site. The reality is that I started my first blog to provide a Muslim voice in the bloggersphere [sic] because we are too few, and I cant leave all the work to the Iranian’s due to risks of illegal innovation! Therefore I have returned to provide my opinions on the politics and current affairs of our time, which is evidently needed in light of the vast array of anti-Islamic opinion that continues to invade our time, and this includes cyberspace (just check out my “Fatwaworthy?” links for a few examples). It is remarkable that they continue to fail to comprehend the unity and peace of Islam which is in front of them when it is written they will regret their actions at the moment of death.

If you click through you will see that the “regret” he speaks of is “The Regret of Disbelievers at the Moment of Death.”

But Fatwaworthy? What does that even mean? Apparently, a list of people I’m sure he’d like to have silenced, if not hurt/injured, or God forbid, killed.

I scrolled down to check out the “fatwaworthy” list. Here’s what I saw:
In other words "You had better say Islam is peace or else."

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