Monday, April 30, 2007

In the Path of Allah : YouTube Jihadi's

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Do not worry my frend mab999 coz we noe that most of the US citizen are good AMERICAN..we know which is good people on the way to their conversation..
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Its a shame USA has disgraced its Nation.There are alot of Good Americans, but its Governmetn has Desecrated its history and its Repuation.One day, the world will be free of the American Plague,
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ما شاء الله
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Assalam o Alykum; May Allah bless Zuhair Munshi with all HIS Kindness in the world hereafter, Aameen. and the video is a very good one mashaAllah. jazakaAllah brother.
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Allah Akbar !
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ALHAMDULILLAH....the more MUJAHIDEEN in this world the more the better...May SHAHEED What r we aiming for..Insha Allah.AMINNNNNNNN..

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  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Comments are the proof what a bunch of sheetheads you will always be,
    Both the USA and GB should kick your arses out back to the stinking pits you crawled from.
    allah kiss my arse!
    Afghan girls set themselves alight to escape the islamic rules being forced onto them by a bunch of mussies that can't control their most basic urges ..sickos!