Friday, April 27, 2007

Department of Hometown Security

Just checked my email out. After deleting the spam from "Abu (fill in the blank)", on how to recieve millions of dollars.

I found THIS SITE.

Ohhhh, I do like this site, add them to your blogroll, or website. These people are true Patriots. Article follows.

Report Suspicious Behavior and Anti-American Sentiment

Drop a Dime on a Terrorist!

It is both a moral obligation and a civic duty, to report anyone who might be a threat, to the citizens and lands of the United States of America. If you have any information as trivial as it may seem, it might be of vital importance to national security and public safety.

Information on Terrorists, Terrorist Sympathizers, Mosques that preach Jihad, and individuals that express hatred toward American Citizens, are of great interest to the Department of Hometown Security.
If your information leads to the elimination of a Terrorist or Terrorist Cell, you may be entitled to a substantial cash reward.

This website is paid for by the
Department of Hometown Security, a privately funded company, with no affiliation with law enforcement nor any government agency. Our autonomy enables us to freely exchange information with all applicable agencies.

Always on the watch.


  1. I agree, we have mutual enemies here at home as well. Please cross link me, time to stick together and grow an oak forest not a weed patch.

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  3. John Doe this post is for you :)