Friday, April 13, 2007

Coverage Of Drs. Sultan, Pipes, And Brook At UCLA Panel Discussion On Islam With Protests [video/pics] sent me this via email.

We were expecting the protesters to surface inside after seeing them hassling the line outside, and as predictable as ever they did make a scene. What disgraced us the most was not the Islamic protesters, but even worse….ready for this? The crazy, far left, white woman protester who, with her partner, had two shirts that combined to say “Liar”.

All protesters, mostly Muslim, stood up and walked out. Mostly Islamic, that is… there was one crazy lefttard Cindy Sheehan clone who tried to disrupt everything. We had to listen to this idiot rant for far longer than the moderator and security should have allowed. White Americans protesting a panel on Islam…this far left idiocy only exemplifies what the The Enemy Within really represents.

Read the whole article posted with pictures at

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