Saturday, April 07, 2007

April 19: Islamo-Facism Awareness Day

Join the Terrorism Awareness Project in a mass-screening of Obsession: Radical Islam's War against the West on your Campus April 19!!!

The Terrorism Awareness Project is a new program of the David Horowitz Freedom Center dedicated to waking up Americans—and particularly American college students--
to the threat of militant Islam.

On April 19th, TAP will stage a nationwide Islamo-Fascism Awareness Day. The focus of this national event will be a screening of the groundbreaking film Obsession: Radical Islam's War against the West on dozens of college campuses across America. Normally, purchasing a copy of this film for a screening would cost you at least $100, but TAP will provide a FREE COPY of Obsession to all those students who agree to put on a screening of this controversial documentary on their campuses on April 19. We will also add your campus to the list of schools participating in Islamo-Fascism Awareness Day on our website, .

Obsession is a wake up call. It offers a direct and chilling profile of what is brewing in the world of jihad right now—the plans for the mass murder of Americans and other Westerners and the justification that rationalizes radical Islam’s blueprints for genocide.

We anticipate a great deal of opposition from the radical left that refuses to recognize that the War on Terror was not started by Washington, but has been declared on us by a global confederacy of Islamists dedicated to the subjugation and murder of us and other "infidels".

To participate in Islamo-Fascism Awareness Day and to get your FREE COPY of Obsession for the April 19 screening, please contact Jeffrey Wiener at or at 800-752-6562, ext. 206.

Campuses Participating in Islamo-Fascism Awareness Day

Bowdoin College
Ball State
Arizona State University
University of Colorado, Boulder
Bates University
University of Rhode Island
Georgia Tech
UC Davis
Florida State University
Columbia University
Pace University
Santa Ana College
Regent University
University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee
Saint Francis University
Dartmouth College
Columbus State Community College
The Ohio State University
University of North Carolina – Greensboro
University of New Haven
George Mason University
Clemson University
Drexel University
Boston College
Liberty University
Drew University
Lawrence University
University of Delaware
Dickinson College
Temple University
Northeastern University
Drury University
Hillsdale College
University of Notre Dame
Washington University in St. Louis
Evangel University
Missouri Western State University
University of North Carolina – Charlotte
Ithaca College
University of Pennsylvania
Bradley University
Purdue University
Loras College
Indiana State University
Messiah College
University of North Carolina – Wilmington
Shippensburg University
University of Florida
Rhodes State College
University of Texas – Austin
Boise State University
Huntington University
Saint Anselm College
Shippensburg University
University of North Carolina – Wilmington
Northern Arizona University
University of Alabama
Clemson University

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