Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Taheri-azar :I hate all Americans. All Jews. May they all burn in hell. Death to Israel

Taheri-azar, 23, is accused of driving a sport utility vehicle through a crowd of UNC students last March.

Monday he was in court to discuss letters he wrote to Eyewitness News and other news organizations from prison shortly after the attack. In those letters he admitted to driving his vehicle into "The Pit" at UNC to avenge the deaths of Muslims around the world.

During today's hearing, Taheri-azar yelled "death to America" as he entered the Orange County courtroom. "I hate all Americans," he said. "All Jews. May they all burn in hell. Death to Israel," yelled Taheri-azar.

The judge warned Taheri-azar to be quiet during the proceedings. That's when Taheri-azar turned to his own lawyer and said, "I don't know this moron."

That's when the judge order the already restrained Taheri-azar removed from the courtroom.

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