Monday, March 19, 2007

Street Killers Rule: Muslims Torture And Behead Thai Buddhists

By J. Grant Swank, Jr.
Mar 19, 2007

"'We believe that Muslim insurgents beheaded the victim and planted the bombs to target police, because they knew police would come to inspect,' Police Major Sucharit Wongsaket informed Bangkok, Thailand AP" per The China Post.

A Buddhist man had his head severed from his body. Another Buddhist was shot dead. Still others were tortured by extremist Muslims in Thailand's southland.

When dawn broke, Muslim fanatics sneaked into a rubber plantation in Yala province's Muang district. There they bulleted a Buddhist laborer. Then they beheaded him, "dropping his head about 600 feet from the body."

This is the "religion of peace" active once again in another part of the planet. All the while, so-called moderate Muslims appear unable to cry out against what the extremist elements of their religion are doing. It is up to the civil citizens of the world to endure rather than come upon impressive Islamic devotee protests against Muslim carnage.

"When police arrived at the site, a homemade bomb triggered by a mobile phone exploded and caused minor injuries to two officers."

As in Iraq, so in Thailand, street killers rule. There is no final power leveled by government, police, educators, and peace workers when street killers determine to slaughter mortals. There is no authority that can top street killers bent on undoing that which is good and sane.

While these Buddhists were suffering death and torment, elsewhere in the same province a young adult Buddhist on his motorcycle was shot dead by an extremist Muslim riding on the back of another motorbike. The slain man's spouse, riding with him, was seriously injured in the melee.

"Drive-by shootings and bombings occur almost daily in Thailand's only three Muslim-majority provinces -- Yala Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani -- where an Islamic insurgency that flared in January 2004 has killed more than 2,000 people.

"Police, soldiers and others viewed as collaborators with the government are targeted, along with Buddhists.

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