Tuesday, March 27, 2007


J. Grant Swank, Jr.

Muslim females must take off the head covering if they want to vote in approaching elections in Quebec, per AP’s Phil Couvrett.

Marcel Blanchet, the French-speaking province’s election chief, informed press that there will be no compromise. No tolerating the veil. The head has to reveal the identity of the voter or else no ballot.

At first, Blanchet said that Muslim women could wear the head covering. He got static from those who saw red. Now he has changed his mind. It pays to protest for the sake of reason in a democracy.

“‘Relevant articles to electoral laws were modified to add the following: any person showing up at a polling station must be uncovered to exercise the right to vote,’ he said.”


Because Blanchet stuck to democracy’s reason, he had to employ two bodyguards because threat phone messages and emails were left for his perusal.

Of course, Muslim zealots protested the reasonable move. They always do. They move into a non-Muslim environs, not to dialogue, but demand. When their extremist demands are given the upper hand, then democracy loses as Islam World Rule begins its takeover in that locale.

“’I am so saddened, I doubt many of these women will show up at the polls on Monday after all this mockery,’ said Sarah Elgazzar of the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations.”

Sad that the extremist Muslims enjoying democracy’s blessings cannot get the message of daily freedom. Instead, they grouse over their illogical, demanding Koran-inspired sharia-dominated insanity not getting its way.

Brits now have passed a law stating that students in public schools must have their heads uncovered.

France passed legislation declaring heads had to be revealing the identity of the mortal carrying the head.

The Netherlands informed press that Muslim women cannot go around with their heads
covered in public areas.

Germany agreed with Brits on no veils in schools.

“Last week in Quebec, a young Muslim woman was forced to quit her job at a prison after she refused to remove her headscarf. The public security department supported the decision, citing security concerns, but Muslim groups pointed out that the Canadian Armed Forces allow women to wear headscarves on active duty.

“Last month, an 11-year-old Muslim girl from Ontario participating in a soccer tournament in Quebec was pulled from the field after she refused the referee’s request to remove her headscarf.”

It is unbelievable the obstinacy of these radical, extremist Muslims who breathe in free air
but want to sabotage the nation providing it.

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